Template Designs

If you’re looking for a specific design that suits your food truck needs, we have designed templates for your convenience.

Clients can use the given templates to help strategize and plan their food truck layout before purchasing.

Design Process

Food Trucks USA provides the following truck size templates. Choose the size and create the truck that suits your requirements. Please fill out the sheet to the best of your knowledge.

14' Long Truck

Our smallest truck, this size is a good option for frozen desserts.

16' Long Truck

This size is good option for smaller menus without a hood.

18' Long Truck

This is one of our most popular sizes. It allows for many menu options.

20' Long Truck

This is our most popular size. There is plenty of space & allows for our tv box.

22' Long Truck

Our second longest truck. It is for clients that need the largest amount of space.

24' Long Truck

Our largest truck - this truck is capable of suiting all of your needs.